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At Arhasi, we believe Gen AI's success in your organization starts with effective strategy and inherent consideration for the safe and trustworthy application of AI.

It’s important not to treat a pilot differently to productionization. The standardized methodology to quickly pilot and be able to confidently progress to operationalization without compromising on integrity is paramount. However, the following challenges exist:

  • An unsystematic approach to AI development makes the progression from pilot to productionisation time-consuming
  • No clear approach to measuring the trustworthiness and Integrity of AI applications
  • Minimal standards and guidance in shaping the AI Operating Model to improve the effectiveness of AI in the business context

Arhasi’s curated approach and frameworks aim to help you with the rapid design, experimentation, and operationalization of AI in your business context. A set of AI frameworks, capability maturity models, journey maps, and integrity assurance suites will mitigate risk and improve the experience of your AI journey. We couple this with our assessment and recommendations on your data foundation, data quality, and data integrations which play a vital role in your AI success.

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